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A. Major Regulatory Functions:

The main regulatory functions of the department have been broadly classified into the following categories.

A) Regulating the exploitation of Forests for removal of timber, firewood and other minor forest produce as lain down in the principles of the working plans. 

B) Regulating the movements of forest, produce, control of sawing contraventions, wood distillations. 

C) Regulating tree felling in private lands. 

D) Control of diversion of Forest Lands for non-forestry purposes. 

E) Above regulatory functions and responsibilities are governed by the following statutes and manuals. 

F) Karnataka Forest Act, 1963. 

G) Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, 1976 and Rules. 

H) Protection of Wildlife Act, 1972 and Rules. 

I) Forest Conservation Act, 1980 and Rules. 

J) Karnataka Forest Rules, 1969. 

K) Karnataka Forest Code. 

L) Karnataka Forest Account Code. 

M) Karnataka Forest Manual. 

N) Karnataka Land Grant Rules. 

O) Environmental Protection Act. 

B. The main responsibilities of the Department are:

A) To protect the existing forests (Flore & Fauna) including protection against Smuggling, Poaching, Fire Accidents etc, 

B) To increase the forest area by planting in C & D class of lands, community lands and other Government waste lands. 

C) To increase the productivity of the degraded forests. 

D) To harvest the forest produce systematically on the principles of sustained yield in perpetuity in order to cater to the needs of the people. 

E) Protection and management of forests as well as raising of plantations through joint forest planning by involving local communities through village forests communities and bio-diversity conservation and its management especially in degraded forest area. 

F) Wild life preservation and its management. 

G) Maintenance of ecological balance. 

H) To Provide employment to the unemployed rural people by engaging them in the forestry works.

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