Acts and Rules

Sl No Subject Source of document Language Visit
1  Amendment for Karnataka Forest Rules, 1969 Dated: 20.05.2013  Forest department  English  Visit
2  Karnataka Forest Department Services (Recruitment)(Amendment) Rules, 2015  Forest department  English  Visit
3  The Karnataka Forest Manual  Forest department  English  Visit
4  The Indian Forest Act, 1927  Forest department  English  Visit
5  The Karnataka Forest Act 1963  Forest department  English  Visit
6  Karnataka Forest Rules 1969  Forest department  English  Visit
7  The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972  Forest department  English  Visit
8  The Wildlife Protection Rules, 1973  Forest department  English  Visit
9  The Karnataka Forest Code, 1976  Forest department  English  Visit
10  The Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, 1976  Forest department  English  Visit
11  The Karnataka Preservation of Trees Rules, 1977  Forest department  English  Visit
12  The Forest Conservtion Act, 1980  Forest department  English  Visit
13  The Forest Conservtion Rules, 1981  Forest department  English  Visit
14  The Environment (Protection)Act, 1986  Forest department  English  Visit
15  The Environment (Protection)Rules, 1986  Forest department  English  Visit
16  The Biological Diversity Act, 2002  Forest department  English  Visit
17  The Forest Conservation Rules, 2003  Forest department  English  Visit
18  The Biological Diversity Rules, 2004  Forest department  English  Visit
19  Eco-Tourism Policy  Forest department  English  Visit
20  Manual of Forest Account Section  Forest department  English  Visit
21  National Forest Policy  Forest department  English  Visit
22  Wild Life Policy  Forest department  English  Visit

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